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Built by blockchain specialists, business analysts and cryptography enthusiasts with a combined experience over 10+ years. We offer consulting and security services. From Berlin in Dubai.

About Us

We are a collective of cryptography enthusiasts and highly educated academics in business and technology from Germany. Since 2018 we built customized solutions based on the Ethereum- and Hyperledger Framework.

  • Expertise in Cryptography: A team of German cryptography enthusiasts and academics, now based in Dubai, offering specialized blockchain solutions to SMEs and startups.
  • Decentralized Identity Solutions: Originally a stealth start-up, we've evolved to tackle decentralized identity challenges, extending our services globally from Dubai with on-site availability in Berlin, Germany.
  • Reliable Global Partners: Providing reliable blockchain solutions, we operate from Dubai while ensuring on-site support in Berlin, Germany, demonstrating our commitment to serving a global clientele.

Starting as a stealth start-up building a custom blockchain solution to solve a global problem we now offer our expertise to interested SMEs and moved our base to Dubai, UAE. We are still available on-site in Berlin, Germany.

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Our 4-step offer

Harnessing a collective of premier architects, blockchain developers, and integration experts, our team is dedicated to constructing your bespoke blockchain application. Fortified by key industry partnerships and abundant resources, we guide you through pivotal stages:

  • Consultancy: Tailored Blockchain Solutions

    Customized blockchain and DLT solutions, including Business Token Integration and security audits.  Navigate the complex landscape of blockchain protocols with our guidance tailored to your unique use case.

  • We listen, design, and plan collaboratively to achieve optimal results for your business. Leverage the expertise of the world's foremost blockchain developers as we actualize your custom use case on any protocol.

  • Our experienced and diverse teams translate your business processes into code efficiently and effectively. Departing from isolated blockchain endeavors, we seamlessly integrate all blockchain processes into your existing systems.

  • Our experienced and diverse teams translate your business processes into code efficiently and effectively. Witness the entirety of your processes, whether blockchain-bound or conventional, through our meticulously crafted monitoring views.


Expertise in Technology and Management Consulting

Passionate about driving innovation in the blockchain and management consulting realms, our team leverages years of experience to provide comprehensive solutions.

Blockchain Strategy/Development 100%
Management Consulting 90%
Smart Contracts auditing 75%
DAta Analysis/Research 55%

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